Before, we used to just golf. Now we get excited to golf all because of social media. Aesthetic Media has made it so fun to go to the Golfest Cup every year with their photography and videography. Our website looks amazing and I love seeing their crew out on the course. Thank you for all you do!

Jim Dee - Co-Founder of Golfest

Every time I work with Aesthetic Media my expectations are exceeded. I film drum covers for YouTube with them and whenever I have an idea they always either nail it perfectly or branch off of it and make something better than I expected! They are very professional but at the same time very fun to work with! I don’t plan on working with anyone else in the future!

Connor Allen - YouTube Drummer

I’ve been working with Aesthetic Media for almost 3 years now and every interaction and experience has not only been professional, but also fun, exciting, and full of good times! I can’t wait for the next awesome adventure!

Jon Royer - CEO of Music Strobe

Many of our brochures, marketing materials, and showroom graphics are made possible with

great photography through Aesthetic Media.

Ali I. - Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors

Aesthetic Media worked alongside my producer to make our music video ideas come to life. I had such a great time working with the video team and I look forward to my continued relationship.

Ben W. - Musician

I LOVE working with Aesthetic Media. They literally save my life everyday. I’m so busy running to photo shoots and building my career and everyone at Aesthetic Media makes it so easy for me. They schedule around me. They post for me. They make beautiful video content for me. They even built my website from nothing. I’m so grateful and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Hayley Herms - Plus Size Model + Entrepreneur