What is Half a Froot Loop?

Half a Froot Loop is a passion project started by old school friend of the Aesthetic Media family, Laura Green. Her background in digital film & video production as well as her strong opinions always made her wonder if she could write about movies. After a long time of weighing the options, she took the leap in and is now blogging semi-regularly about movies and TV shows she's been enjoying or hating. If you're interested in movies or television, we recommend stopping by her blog and leaving a comment!

What we did?

We are responsible for the Half a Froot Loop logo and website design. Laura has always been very particular about the look and feel of things she releases and her blog was no different. She wanted it to feel like a website, but read like a casual blog. Through Aesthetic Media, we achieved a really simple, modern look that reads like a blog but feels like an experience. She's been obsessed with the look ever since it launched and had received countless compliments on the aesthetic. We always look forward to new reviews and we can't wait to see how much it grows.

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