Who is Connor?

Connor Allen is a 20 year old drummer for hire playing out of Orange County, California. Since he began drumming over 9 years ago, he has played in multiple local bands and toured with Between California and Summer. His passion for the instrument has allowed him to grow as a musician and he now plays covers on his YouTube channel as well as occasionally playing in the church band. The love for music is always growing with him and he's always finding new songs he could drum to.

What we did:

Connor is talented in all things drum related, but he needed a crew to bring his covers to the next level. Aesthetic Media has provided him a film crew and an outlet to creatively showcase his interpretation to many popular songs. His YouTube channel continues to grow progressively with each cover and we are always planning new ways to make his videos stand out from the crowd. In the next couple months, he is planning to cover some Atilla songs and he always includes a Top 40 hit in his set list. Special shout out to friend of the family, Jon Royer for always making the covers sound amazing!

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