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Businesses have embraced the use of social media with gusto. Taco Bell is constantly cited for their comedic responses to Twitter users while technology company Razor’s CEO constantly updates his personal Facebook page with images and posts related to the happenings in his business life. The interesting thing to consider? People are actually interested and engaged!




As a small business, your presence online and specifically in social media can greatly impact you in the best way.
Here’s how:

    •  You are in control of your own image. Even as a well-established small business your interactions with customers define how you are perceived. With social media there is an enormous opportunity to establish who you are as a business to a much more varied audience.


    • Customers can now reference you to a larger audience. The internet is an enormous place with millions of users actively accessing social media at any given moment. This means that your customers can share their experience with any number of people they associate with. With your added presence to social media it becomes even easier for future customers and returning customers to find you.


  • Offering customer service is easier and more effective. Not only can customer concerns be addressed through social media posts but positive experiences and relationships can be built through this interaction. By responding to a Twitter user, a Facebook post, or a social media message you are placing your customers’ needs at the forefront of your business. This reflects your dedication to providing good service and will muster some serious customer confidence.


These are three huge reasons to embrace social media. Going beyond the face to face interaction and advertising is an essential part of growing your business. Whether you want to sell physical products or provide a service, social media presence is an integral step to keep your small business relevant in a technologically connected world.

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