Who are we?

Our generation is often criticized for being too involved in the digital universe. We've been around since dial-up and none of us plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Who knew that being a Facebook junkie could get us somewhere in life?

We definitely didn't. 

We're all a bunch of art school students who got through college by posting photos to Instagram and driving through Starbucks. Our love for creativity and making something out of nothing has been such a major part of our lives and we don't want to stop there. Aesthetic Media spawned from a desire to create in a professional environment. We've worked all sorts of jobs, but none have truly fulfilled our need to use creativity to inspire other people. By helping companies harness the look and feel of their brand, we hope to make jaws drop and smiles shine on a daily basis.

Whether it's looking at the Facebook likes steadily grow or sharing a video that we helped make a reality, we want to be part of the excitement. We know and love social media. We're specialized in photo, video, and design. And most importantly, we want companies to grown alongside our own. 


Take the stress off yourself. Not everyone has the same skill set and we understand that. If we did, then we'd have a business just like yours, right? With our team of videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and social media specialists, you can focus on the aspects of your business that don't require the creative hustle. You can have the ideas without worrying about which multiple outsourced entities you'll have to pay to execute them.

We do it all so that you don't have to. 

You have many choices, but we want to be the company who gives your brand the respect and time it deserves. The word "aesthetic" means a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement. You are our artistic movement and your success will inspire our success.

While some companies only offer one set of skills, we pride ourselves in being a full production team. We can work alongside existing marketing departments to enhance what you already have and we can start from scratch if that's what your business requires. From product photography to in-house video playlists, you only have to pay ONE PRICE and talk to ONE COMPANY.

Don't hesitate to contact us about any and all of our services.

Send an email to info@aestheticmedia.com or call 800-397-1280.

We answer calls between 9 am-5pm (PST) on weekdays and emails will be responded to within 24 hours.