Who is Paradox?

Paradox is a rapper/musician & artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She specializes in writing music and creating unique works of art. She recently signed with Universal Music Group to begin to build her persona even further. She believes in working hard for your dreams and making things happen. Being a badass is her full time job and we love watching her do it.

What we do:

We know that this is Hayley Herms, but if you met her as Paradox, you'd be amazed it's the same woman. She is a beast all her own and when we first signed her up as Paradox, it was simply about the Facebook page. All she wanted was to create a constant line of content from her Instagram to her followers on other social media platforms. While we still manage her social, we are currently building her website for a huge launch alongside her passion live art project documentary The Paradox Experience. Since signing with Universal, we are excited for what the future holds for her music, art, and life.

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