What is King of the West?

The King of the West Sprint Car Series presented by the Northern Auto Racing Club provides exciting and entertaining 410 Sprint Car racing for open wheel fans in California. They've been running since the 1960's and have showed no signs of slowing down. With history and people who have been in the game for over 50 years, sprint car racing has become a huge community loved by fans and drivers alike.

What we did:

Because King of the West - NARC has been operating for over 50 years, it has not been a huge priority for them to stay current. Their passions lie in racing and not in creating websites. As the 2017 season approached, they reached out to us, asking us to help create a website that would keep their fans attention. They wanted to attract younger race fans by being mobile friendly and having a cool, modern look. Luckily, we LOVE cool modern looks so we made it happen! With custom graphics and a dream, we created Narc410.com which showcases the history of their sport, the current schedules, and a blog to stay up to date. We're so happy to have been given the chance to work with a community so passionate about their sport and look forward to more opportunities with them in the future.

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