What is Golfest?

Golfest Online is a group of guys who are on the quest to play the Top 100 Courses in the United States. It's a blog that reviews courses, highlights cart girls, and ultimately just loves the sport. Founded many years ago by Jim Allen, Golfest has now evolved from just a golfing quest to a yearly Golfest Cup Tournament where friends from all over the country come together and golf for the title. If you love golf and dumb jokes, this is the place for you.

What we did:

Aesthetic Media joined the love of Golfest in 2016 when they decided the site needed a face lift. Pulling inspiration from Golf Digest and other sport sites, we wanted to create a modern and sleek experience that really played tribute to the sport. We also have had the opportunity to provide them with event photography, videography, and custom graphic services whenever we're needed. We love the guys who golf the tournament and we look forward to meeting up with them every year!

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